Kodak camera no. 4 Screen Focus

This true collector’s item was produced by Eastman Kodak Co. in Rochester NY around 1907.  Made of a mahogany body covered in leather, this camera produced 4 x 5 inch images on 123 type film or on a plate of glass. Around 4,000 were made.

This is a “combination” camera that allows you to use a focusing lens to focus while the film is still in the camera. An adapter for glass plates was also available as an option. A dark slide was used to protect the roll film when ground glass focusing was used. The frosted glass frame and dark slide were stored in the back of the roll film when not in use.

Another interesting fact, when it was released, its cost was $87, the equivalent of nearly $2,800 in 2024. The bellows is intact and the trigger mechanism is functional.

495.00 $ + tx


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