Map of Quebec dating from 1757 by Jacques Nicolas Bellin

Authentic document, an attractive map of the city of Quebec emphasizing the city’s fortifications, published by Bellin in 1757.

The map is impressive and very detailed, focusing on the area around the Lower Town and showing many buildings, gardens, etc. The map includes a key on the right which identifies major buildings etc.

This map appears in the Petit Atlas Maritime de Bellin, but it was first prepared for the History and General Description of New France in Charlevoix.

In 1720, the Duke of Orléans sent Jesuit scholar and explorer Pierre François-Xavier de Charlevoix to America to record events in New France and Louisiana and determine the best route to the Pacific Ocean. Charlevoix collected geographic information from fur traders in Quebec and traveled the Great Lakes and the Mississippi. After his return to France, Charlevoix published his views on North America in his Histoire et description général de la Nouvelle France, which became one of the most important works on North America during the period before the French and Indian War.

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