The Four Days Battle by Abraham Levy Lima

Superb oil on copper panel by Abraham Levy-Lima, Portuguese realist painter. Painted around 1980, it accurately depicts the four-day battle, the second in a series of four naval battles of the Anglo-Dutch Wars taking place in June 1666.

It is also important to highlight the framing work done for this painting. The copper panel alone measures 17 by 25 inches.

About the painter: Born in 1948 among 11 brothers on the island of Santo Antão, Abraham Levy-Lima comes from a Jewish family established in Cape Verde at the beginning of the 19th century. Although starting as a farmer (mainly coffee) and following the path of commerce, a certain aptitude for drawing and painting developed over the generations. Son of an illustrator and a watercolorist father, Abraham completed his secondary education in Mindelo – São Vicente island. In the 60s and at the age of 18, he left for Lisbon to continue his engineering studies but, influenced by his brother David and by the genetic heritage that was passed on to him, he opted for painting. Dedicated to the Portuguese visual arts and influenced by the Flemish, American and Russian schools, Abraham developed a very personal style based on in-depth research in history, the art of sailing and epic stories of naval battles. Thus, his artistic axis passes through historic ships, landscape and still life, nautical registers and Lisboetas. Considered by critics as a hyperrealist urban landscape artist, a Portuguese realist painter and a Portuguese naturalist painter, Abraham defines himself above all as a self-taught artist, a self-taught creator, who uses the painting technique in his professional artistic activity.


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Dimensions 28 × 36 in
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